Have you ever heard of “Clean Monday”?

There are many customs all over the world. However, there is one you might not know, here in Greece we call it << clean Monday>>.

Each year, forty days before Easter comes the day when greek people take a day off and celebrate Monday with their families. It is an important celebration for our country and marks the end of preceding carnival celebrations. In particular, this day colorful kites fly overhead us and, believe me, a big number of them might be stuck on tall trees or even get wet because of their landing in the blue sea. Also this day we eat only fish. It appears that families all over the country travel to their villages and eat fish or fish-soap. That happens, because on Clean Monday, begins a period of time when we don’t eat meat or milk products. In other words, fasting prepares us to go to the church and Jesus’ blind and body.

This Tradition means lots for Christians and especially for Greece. This day remind us how important the enjoyment with people you love as family and friend are also clean Monday symbolizes the Greek gastronomy, for instance, greek salade, Chalvas and many kinds of cooking fish and marines. However the most important of all the survivor of the religion.

Celebrations are in the hearts of the Greek people, as they provide an opportunity to escaping from the daily routine while coming in contact with nature and the country’s cultural heritage.

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  • Traditions and cultural festivals are very important to people and especially here in Greece. Kudos!

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