Happy moments are very important in our life!!!

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about a subject which concerns only the grown-ups, I mean our parents, but it must also concern us, even though we are young!!! It’s the time which passes by and I don’t mean what our grandparents say about the age. I mean the time which passes by with a few good memories and a lot of bad memories and especially this year!!! But I won’t talk about covid-19 in this blog. I want to talk about some certain happy moments which stay in our memory for a few days and then, when something else happens we forget them. But when we experience something bad it unfortunately stays in our mind. I don’t know the reason but it is always pined in our mind, even though we don’t want that!!! But what I think is that many times it is only in our mind. What we have to do is to try to keep the good memories in our mind and throw away the bad ones!!! It’s our obligation if we want to be happy!!! Every day that passes by must be full of happiness and not full of sadness. We have to strongly believe that, because that’s the true! So, stay safe and be happy!!!

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