BUT WHAT’S EXACTLY HALLOWEEN?

Halloween basically comes from Great Britain but it has become a celebration all around the world. Actually fun starts from the evening. That’s the time of pumpkins, candies, ghosts and witches. Traditionally, people decorate their houses with “Jack-o-Lanterns” in order to be ready to face the clever tricks children will play on them. Children also visit haunted attractions and especially haunted houses with their friends!


“ Trick or Treat”   is a customary celebration for children on Halloween. Children dressed up in fancy spooky costumes go from door to door asking for treats such as candies and caramel apples with the question “Trick or Treat?”. If people don’t give them anything, the fun starts. Children start throwing eggs or even stones at windows. Other times they leave spooky messages for the owners of the house. Some other traditional games that children play that night are “ducking for apples” or “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

                             SYMBOLS OF HALLOWEEN

The most usual symbol of Halloween is Jack-o-Lantern. Jack-o-Lantern is a pumpkin which has been carved. In the inside of the pumpkin, there is a blazing candle so that, according to the tradition, when people hold them the evil spirits get scared and go away. Other Halloween symbols are corn husks and scarecrows. Black, orange, and sometimes purple are Halloween’s traditional colours. But there are still thousands of Halloween symbols all around the world, according to every country’s tradition.

                                     HALLOWEEN 2020

This year the celebration of  Halloween is very difficult, but anyway I think that we can still celebrate the festival of Halloween but somehow differently. We can keep the necessary distances and wearing masks we can come out in the streets with our friends and go for “Trick or Treat”.

                                                           So, Happy Halloween!!!

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