Halloween story (possible TW!!! don’t press it if you’re not a big one!)

Once upon the time.. There was a little girl with a somewhat bad friend group, they were together all the time going to abandoned places and breaking in houses… madelline, the little girl, started to get furious with the other kids. “I’m not like these kids she thought i’m better than that”. So, the next day she went to her friends and bravely said that she doesn’t want to hand out with them anymore, the other kids seemed to be cool with her decision.
But it wasn’t only after a couple days, the day of halloween that someone started stalking her, leaving threatening notes telling her she is dead and breaking her windows. She started to be so frightned she decided to make a small group of kids that she would control to do whatever she wants. She started to become obsessed with being in control with everything, she lost her mind. The group started to become bigger and bigger. She craved numbers in their belies in a way to recruit them and make them her property, she collected the blood and putted it in a jar. But, that was just the start of everything she after made them kidnapp the kids from her group.
She had her little murderous plan. She was feeling confident in what she was doing. Madeline had her little cult and her old friends in her tree house, she had to do something, the business wasn’t finished. A few days passed with her hostages starving to death and being treated like they were garbage. It was the perfect time to go further to her plan, the little girl gathered her group she called them “madelline family” and told them to go and kill every one of her 5 friends with different methods, “hang them, slice their throats i don’t care she said but I want you to bring me their heads”. And so it happend a few hours later 5 heads were in her desk, five plus 2.
She returned from school and saw them, she was confussed her parents were in the desk too, but she didn’t tell them to do that, how dare they do something I didn’t ask them to do? she screamed she punched the wall her made family was starting to understand whats going on, they were ready to go to the police but she was smart she knew what they were going to do she gathered them once again but this time they never left, while she was talking to them she was wondering aroud the room and with quick moves she stabbed them, and then took their heads off. But a little kid is also creative, she got rid of the bodies and started the fun stuff, She pilled their face off the heads, making homemade masks and painting them with the blood she had.
When the masks were finished the were looking just realistic but no one would ever think they were real people faces, so she took the opportunity and sell them in a yard sail. Everyone was loving the masks and everyone bought one, parents were bying masks made out of their lost childs but no one suspected her or understanded what they really were.
Madelline was free from all the blood all the bodies and clean from her enemies. Two heads were forgoten in her room.. her parents.! their heads were still there they started to move around like they had their own personallity their own heart if you will.. everything started to go back to the madness that just finished the madness of her head was back in the end everything that just happend was a lie..
To be continued in my other life… Magda Frantzi

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