I could feel another pair of eyes watching me when i entered the abandoned house.

I was alone and i was very scared because of the noises that i was hearing.

When i walked forward i saw a big black monster with red eyes, horns and big nails and i started running.The monster was behind me so i got panicked and i went left in the kitchen and i found a crowbar so i thought for the minute it could be a good idean to use for protection from the monster, bute when i left the kitchen the monster had already left so i went in the attic to find some things that i could use for protection.

Some minutes later after i searched all the house i saw that the door had some planks that i could break with the crowbar that i had found before.When i broke all the blanks i got out and the monster appeared out of nowhere and hit me with a axe so i got dizzy and i faint down in the floor.

When i woke up the monster was in front of me holding the axe and he hit me for the last time THE END!

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