Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31st  October in many countries. The word Halloween seems to come from the eve of the feast of All Saints – All Hallow Eve. It is believed to be a metaphor for the celebration of the god of the Underworld, worshiped, among others, by the ancient Celts.

History of Halloween

The roots of the holiday are said to be in Celtic traditions, specifically in the Samhain celebrations, which in Old Irish means “end of summer”. The Celts on 31st  October celebrated the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Tradition says that on this day we come closer to the “other world”, that we can come in contact with spirits and the dead.

How Halloween is celebrated in America

The day of Halloween all houses in America are decorated by scary objects. But the traditional decoration is Jack-o’-lantern that is a carved pumpkin. On this day  children get dressed with scary costumes (witches, ghosts etc.) visit the houses of their neighborhood  and knock on the doors saying “Trick or Treat” hoping to give them candies.

Colors of Halloween

The colors of Halloween are orange and black. Orange symbolizes the autumn harvest and black symbolizes death and, in general, the “other world”.

Halloween in Europe

Halloween started in Europe, but is now known to the world through American culture. The immigration of Irish and Scots in the 19th century made the holiday popular.

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