Graffiti is a form of vandalism or art?

Nowadays we can all observe that there is an increasing number of graffiti on walls. Many people believe that graffiti is a form of vandalism but others define it is a form of art. In my opinion, graffiti is a form of vandalism and not to be admired.

Firstly, if people want to Feature their artistic skills and views, they can do it on paper. Public walls are not made to be drawn on or for other purposes.

Secondly, public transport and private property are also vandalised by street artists. Consequently, these actions are illegal and people need to be punished.

However, graffiti is a way to express different feelings. Street artists use this means to publicize their concerns. As a result their drawings and slogans may be offensive.

Taking all the above into consideration, I strongly believe that graffiti is a form of vandalism and can’t be justified as art.

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