This story is about Argyro and Tom. Tom is a trained magician at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is in love with Argyro, a simple beautiful blonde girl.

One Christmas day in London, Argyro woke up and got ready to go to college where he studies criminology. But as always, Argyro was late and ran to catch the bus and without realizing it immediately, SHE PASSED UNDER AN IRON LADDER!. Her mom had told her that if you ever go under a ladder bad things will happen to you! but the girl did not pay attention to her thoughts and all she wanted was to get on the bus But there she saw that the bus was full of people but they did not look like people there was more like a figure since she was really like a figure and she could not see their faces. So the girl took the umber to go to college and lost the first hour.

When Argyro came home she wanted to cut a salad to eat because the girl was quite hungry when she cut the lettuce she was cut because she was scared when the doorbell rang she rang her loudly and quickly. She covered her wound with some paper and went to open the door. Surprised, she saw Tom with a suitcase and a box of books with spells and his wand. He had just left his school for Christmas. She had told him to go and stay with her for Christmas because she had missed him. she immediately ran to hug him since her joy was enormous. After they told everything about how they were doing and generally their news, Argyro told him about the ladder and the misfortune with the bus. Τhen Tom was very frightened and told her that in his school he had learned that if this happened to you, a ghost would immediately curse you that if you do not kill it will continue to cause you misfortune.

Suddenly the lights go out and when they open after a minute a ghost had caught Argyro and was about to choke her!.  Straight Tom grabbed his wand and said loudly a spell to kill the ghost!. He managed to kill the ghost but also saw Argyro fall unconscious. Terrified, he immediately went to see if she was OK. When he saw that Argyro had a pulse, he started crying with joy, woke her up, and helped her calm down from the shock. She hugged him and said a big thank you because if it weren’t for him, she would have died now.

To calm her down, Tom took her to a store that has strange enchanted ice creams. Τhey both got the same taste they’ve been eating since they were 10 years old, chocolate with magic powder that makes you tell the truth!. Tom said to Argyro that he has loved her since he was 15 and she finally told him the truth that she has loved him since she was 16.

Argyro and Tom are now 39 years old and have a child named Dimitris half wizard and half-mortal and he goes to the Hogwarts School like his father.

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