Gingerbread Cookie House!!!

Hello guys!!! Hou are you? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about a sweet creation my family and I did yesterday: a gingerbread cookie house! It is a house made with biscuits and we firmed them all together in the form of a house with a cream called “royal icing”. It is a delicious dessert with a lot of wonderful smells of the ginger, of the gillyflower, etc. But when you manage to make it, you can’t eat it because you have dedicated so many hours that you only use it for decoration. It is one of the best chances to pass some creative time with your family but this recipe emits a lot anxiety because it is very difficult first of all to succeed in the measures of the different sides of the house so that it can be firmed but above all it is very difficult to firm all the sides together. But when you see the result you would think that it worths it. So, I highly recommend it to you and I hope you will try to do it.

                                      HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

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