Friendship.One word but so many meanings instead. They say that family is a very essential piece of our lives, and I am sure you are thinking about why I wrote family and not friends because actually a true friend is included in your family.
In the first place, it’s easy to say that you find a true friend but in reality, is very hard to find one and also to keep him close to your side. Now, if you think that you have found a true friend the sovereign thing in this “ship” is, firstly, honestly. You can always tell the truth to this person even if it’s the most hurtful thing for him without being aware of it.
Secondly, another important thing is trust. All of us have that one or two friends that every single thing about our lives because we are open to them and we know that they will keep our secret in “a safe place”.
The third thing is sharing interests. I am sure that most of us have that one friend that they will have an interest in the same hobby or in a movies/series that they will always talk about.
Last but not least, your true friend makes you be a better person. He/she always there when you have done something tragically bad or he/she catches you up and make you take the right decision.
We always have to be very grateful about the people we have in our lives and makes her even better than it was before we met them and also we have to be very careful about who we are choosing to be a part of our lives because what we think is not always the right decision.

Sapho S.

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