Fred Claus

One movie that I saw recently and I really liked was the movie ”Fred Claus”.

During his childhood, Fred Claus suffered from his younger brother Nick’s saintliness. When Fred’s criminal ways finally land him in big trouble, his only recourse is to turn to his brother. Fred Nick’s brother will only help (gives him money) if he visits him at the North Pole and helps him at the preparing for Christmas(sth that he had never done before) Nick gives him a job in the office that selects good and naughty kids. This season, however, Nick faces a specialist, who is very bad and strict, and checks if everything goes well. But Fred did something very bad in the field he was working in and that cost the Santa a lot.  Santa Claus is fired and Christmas is about to be destroyed but what it will happen in the end?

Ιt is a very funny and nice movie in the spirit of Christmas. It is for the whole family and I highly recommend it.

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