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      Mr Mike

      What do you think the main challenges of winter in Alaska would be? Would you like to experience it? Why or why not? Discuss

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      Alaska is the largest and sparsely populated state; it offers you nature and beautiful places. But one disadvantage is how weather affect your mood. For example, in Alaska winters are longer than in other places, besides that the daylight reduces and in some particular places like Borrow sun will not rise above the horizon for 2 months. Some people will find it hard to adjust in the common difference weather has and probably not choose to live in a place like Alaska but, others may view it as a welcomed challenge, at least I do! It has a different way to experience life and I would love to try that. I can’t even imagine the beautiful lands and the opportunities to re-connect with mother nature!

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      Mr Mike

      “different ways to experience life” -loved it. Good read!

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      I believe that Alaska is a unique and glorious place to visit but not to live for a long time. The extreme cold in Alaska is ever-present and is difficult to confront. Moreover, if your country is a warm place you will find it hard to endure Alaska. So, I think that it would be a good place to visit as a tourist but not stay there for a long time because of the difficulties. I would like to travel there for a few days and see how the people defy the extreme cold and maybe do the same. To conclude, I would like to experience that but not forever because of the storm surge, the gust and the howl and the extreme changes. Alaska is a distinctive place which makes you feel adrenaline, you are close to nature and in a heavenly place.

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      Alaska is an amazing place. In this area, you can find huge icebergs and striking gorges. But the weather is more different than Greece. For example in Alaska you can feel nature with cold nights and days, you can see people do extreme sports in freezing water. Also if you are lucky you will see the high tide. I am not sure if I can stay in this area but I really want to travel ton Alaska and explore this entire snowy and cold place.

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