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Γνώρισε μας Forums Deeper Learning: Social Dilemma In your own words, what is the ‘mental health’ dilemma?

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Here you will find our inquiry around the topic of social media and the questions we seek to find answers for.
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      Mr Mike

      Let’s nail this issue! What is the connection around the issues of addiction and mental health and social media usage?

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      Rania N
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      It is when a person is depressed and may have anxiety about getting likes. In other words, if he has not enough likes or comments, he is probably being disappointed. However, likes are only a temporary joy that leaves us empty without it.

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      Maria Tl
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      Mental dilemma, I think has a connection with our addiction to social media. It is the idea that for instance if you don’t take many likes in something you post, something is wrong with you so we start depressing.

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      Evgenia K.
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      I believe that Mental Health Dilemma is when people focus too much on social media approval that beyond a certain level they may get addicted to receiving repeatedly likes and positive comments. However, when they stop getting likes on their posts they get depressed.

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