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      Mr Mike

      How do friendships affect our lives?

        social activities
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      Evanthia Soropou
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      in my opinion i think frienships do affect our lives because you need someone to tell your secrets and your problems when nobody is hear for you. also a friend can help you with lots of things such us family problems relationship problems or even self problems. on the other hand if you dont have a frined beside you you are going to feel alone and the feeling that nobody is near you .and then you are going to commit suicide .
      so friends are really important for you because ur going to die

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      Jim Kylindreas
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      So, a friendship is something very important to our lives especially because having a friendship is having fun, enjoy and a person to talk with.
      Without having a friendship you don’t have the sense of support, having support from friends is a huge thing that a friend includes and a present that if you reject you will feel like everything is on your own.
      There are a tons of activities that you can try in your spare time, but isn’t it more enjoyable doing it with a friend rather than just alone? Friends can always do same activity that you do and maybe even help you with doing it, which is an important part of friendship.

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      Nick St.
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      Look in my opinion a friend ship is the most important things in the world because first of all: if you are sad a friend can make you feel better
      Second: if you are bored you can message your friend snd you can go out together for a coffee or to play football or something like that
      Third: a friend can make you to understand your self better

      But guys be careful who you trust 😉

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      Eleni Tsaponi
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      How do friendships affect our lives?

      Frienships are really important for everyone because when you don’t feel good or something doesn’t go right you need your friends there to help you, to cheer you up and tell you that it’s ok and you will be alright.
      Firstly, you need your friends to support you when you don’t fell good, if you had a fight with somebody you need them there to be by your side and help you get over whatever keeps you sad. Secondly, an extrovert friend can help you meet new friends and get more sociable. Meet new firends and built new relationships and new connections through that one friend who was there for you and cared enough to introduse you to his other friends and made you a social butterfly! Finally, friends help you find yourslef, discover things you like or don’t like, discover you style and your taste in many,different things.
      To conclude, i believe that frienships do affect our lives. Some really do change us and some others not. But everyone needs friends, everyone needs company when they feel lonely, support when they are depressed and sad and somebody who they know has their back whatever happens and the assurance that they have someone to talk and express their feelings.

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      Stratos Tza.
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      Friendship is a really important thing in our daily life but also have a lot of different affects in our life. First friends can support you through the difficult times and be there at the difficult moments. Also your friend can make you improve your social activities by getting you to activities where you can find new friends.

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