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Γνώρισε μας Forums Deeper Learning: Social Dilemma Describe the “democracy dilemma” presented in the article in your own words.

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Here you will find our inquiry around the topic of social media and the questions we seek to find answers for.
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      Mr Mike

      Can you describe the “democracy dilemma”?

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      Rania N
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      Personally, I think that the democracy dilemma is directly connected to politics. In other words, social media allows bad personalities such a political being influencers and standards. This means that we actually believe whatever they announce on these apps and on the internet generally. Fake news is everywhere and makes us more extreme in our views.

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      Maria Tl
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      My opinion about what the democracy dilemma means has to do with fake news. For example, everyone turns to social media and posts something that most of the time is fake, and as a consequence becomes hate spech which results in the polarization of political idealism. This means that social media amplifies hate speech which creates a gap between people and breaks down communication.

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      Evgenia K.
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      I strongly believe that Democracy Dilemma means that every day thousands of people who have access to social media spread fake news instead of true, with the aim to gain popularity . But the result of all this is disinformation and negative impact on people’s lives.

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