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      Mr Mike

      Does deforestation pose a threat to your country? What are some of the reasons behind it?

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      Rania N

      In my opinion, I think deforestation is one of the biggest issues in the world. It doesn’t sound logical and humane that people destroying oxygen sources, the most important “ingredient” for their lives. Farmers cut down trees in order to plant new more productive trees and in other cases to create grazing land, or just to create paper. Forests are also being destroyed for the creation of urban areas. Also, deforestation provides the extinction of over 4 to 6 thousand rainforest species each year. I think we must do something drastic to save our planet.

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        Mr Mike

        I agree, but what can we do?

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      Rania N

      At first, we can help the environment by doing recycling. For instance, it doesn’t need to cut down other trees to produce paper if the used paper becomes a new one by the method of recycling. In other words, the paper demanding will be reduced and also deforestation. Secondly, we can address in our community or in our countries environmental organizations to become one voice. If many people take an interest in the problem of deforestation then will be more percentages to hear their request.

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      Maria Tl

      Deforestation is an issue that causes concern around the world. People go and cut down trees without thinking about the negatives of it, for example, oxygen depletion and extinction of many endangered species. But what is the main reason for it? Such activities are done with the aim of producing many products like paper or to create urban areas.

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