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Eleni Tsaponi
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How do friendships affect our lives?

Frienships are really important for everyone because when you don’t feel good or something doesn’t go right you need your friends there to help you, to cheer you up and tell you that it’s ok and you will be alright.
Firstly, you need your friends to support you when you don’t fell good, if you had a fight with somebody you need them there to be by your side and help you get over whatever keeps you sad. Secondly, an extrovert friend can help you meet new friends and get more sociable. Meet new firends and built new relationships and new connections through that one friend who was there for you and cared enough to introduse you to his other friends and made you a social butterfly! Finally, friends help you find yourslef, discover things you like or don’t like, discover you style and your taste in many,different things.
To conclude, i believe that frienships do affect our lives. Some really do change us and some others not. But everyone needs friends, everyone needs company when they feel lonely, support when they are depressed and sad and somebody who they know has their back whatever happens and the assurance that they have someone to talk and express their feelings.