Food; it tastes good but feels even better

Food along with being a major key to humanity’s survival, it is also a huge part of its culture. A thousand years of elegant cuisine and aromatic spices to recipes passed down from generation to generation have proven that exact point. However, it is not entirely about culture, but about bringing people together. Arizona State University associate professor of psychology, Frank Infurna, said that food brings people together.

I believe that I can prove that point with a story taken from my personal life. My family has lots of different routes and all sorts of cultural traditions. Having entirely individual personalities and interests, it is difficult for us to interact in a true family-like way. However, when we are sitting around the table with warm homemade rich food on, we realise how fortunate we are to have each other to share our meals and lives with, despite our differences.

In the same way, a young couple can talk about their problems over a plate of Italian cuisine or a group of friends can gather together for a barbeque, even two colleagues can discuss ways to make their business better while dining. Eating is almost always associated in gatherings, whether formal or informal, bringing the joy of tasting to the simplicity of everyday life. In addition, cooking brings people together in preparing their meal, comparing recipes and interacting with each other. Food can bring a sense of belonging, whether it’s among friends, colleagues, family members, acquaintances. Even if you are cooking or eating, it gives you the same feeling, as long as you are not enjoying it alone.

All things considered, food is not just about taste, but also about meaningful relationships and interactions between people. As far as I’m concerned even the worst enemies can connect through food.


Cover Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

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