Following fashion – why do we do it?

Is fashion important to you? For more people, it is, at least to some extent. Everyone has their own style from those who wear expensive designer outfits, those who wear a jean and a T-shirt as more people wear. But why are people following fashion?
Arguably, one factor that influences what people wear is the need to impress others. People who dress well seem to be noticed than those who are not worried about their appearance. This is a reason, that people follow fashion and wear fashionable clothes, to impress others.
In the same way, fashion is perceived as a tool that denotes wealth or prestige. For example, people internationally try to elevate their status by wearing expensive clothes or famous designer outfits. These clothes are not giving a personal statement but promote a specific image of power. As a result, fashion does not express personal statements but give a false impression of appearance for a person.
All these things considered, to my way of thinking, fashion can be used as a means of communication and shows a self-image of you to others.

Maria T.

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