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Every month we have feature just one blog on this page. This is a process which is carried out by the whole KEDU Teaching team and has criteria which an article must have. These are:
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  2. Have been checked for fluency.
  3. Has something to say!
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KEDU School 54%

My daily routine

Hello George How was your day ? My day was great! Now I am at the party and it’s 8 o’clock. I usually am in

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My friend.

Hello I’m Artelida and I’m 9 years old. I’m from Mitilini Greece. Mitilini is a small, city, but it isn’t the capital city of Greece

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me and my friend

Hello i’ m Cathrine  and i’m 10 years old. I’m from Mitilini is a smal city but it  i’snt the capital city of Greece. Athens

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stalactitew chios

Stalactites of chios The cave of Olympus (or Sykia cave) is located in the southern part of the island, near the village of Olympus and

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My two cousins

My two cousins names are Thanasis and Vaggelis. Thanasis is 30 years old, he has brown hair, brown eyes, and he is very tall. He

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At my island there are  lots of sightseeings. First of all is Agios Isidoros. Agios Isidoros  is the  most popular beach in the world and

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im doing this for kredits baby money money money

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hello i was bored so i just wanted to say how is everybody is doing; im just chiling at home watching youtube  

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My best frient

My best friend is Peter . He has got short fair hair he is tall and thin he usually wears shots  and T- shirt.

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My e-friend and i.

Hello,i’m Chris and i’m 9 years old.I’m from Mitilini Greece.Mitilini is a small city,but it isn’t the capital city of Greece!I’m good at basketball. My

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my best friend

My best friend is Nickie. She is in my class and she lives close to my house. She is not very tall, she is thin

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My e friend

Hello i am Peter and i am 10 years old . I am from Mitilini, Greece Mitilini is a small city of Greece . I

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