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Little miss Hug

My Book Review Who wrote this book by Roger Hargeaves. What is this book about? The Little miss Hug tries hugging the Mr Grumpy. My Favourite part Is when Mr

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my handbag

Shopping day

When I realized that my bag was missing. I began to panic. It was late in the morning, after I had enjoyed my cosy drink with my friends in our

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                       BUT WHAT’S EXACTLY HALLOWEEN? Halloween basically comes from Great Britain but it has become a celebration all around the

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My holidays

Hi! Mr Mike. How are you? Last year’s summer I went to the Greek island,  Kos. I went with my parents and my sister. We travelled by ship and it

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My family

Hi, my name is Savvas and my family consists of 4 people. My Mommy Dimitra, my father Stauros, my brother Kostantinos and me. My mother works in a supermarket and

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Important hobbies

My opinion is that we must have a hobby because it helps you clear your mind relieve your stress and help you make new friends. My hobby is volleyball. It

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A volcanic eruption

Last weekend my family and I went to the beach. We had a swim in the sea. After that, he had a picnic. All of a sudden there was a

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Ancient and Imperial China

My Book Review Who wrote this book Ladybird books. What is this book about? China, its dynasties, its timeline, its everyday life and Chinese inventions. My Favourite part It says

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The eruption of Mt Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius erupted on 24th August, 79 AD. I was sleeping, when my room started shaking. My mother and I took everything we could and we left. I saw a

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What is Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31st October. It is a tradition when the children wear scary clothes and they go to the houses in their neighbourhood and they say

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The ideal neighbourhood has to be quite and must have rubbish bins. It has many plants and trees. It should have many parks and playground. It may have electric cars

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My big family!

My family is big. I have 3 brothers, mum and dad. I have one dog and I live with my grandma and grandpa. My mym works in the bank and

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My story

I was walking on the beautiful Paris roads and my best friend Korine lost her phone! I tried to call her to find it easier but it wasn’t in her

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