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Every month we have feature just one blog on this page. This is a process which is carried out by the whole KEDU Teaching team and has criteria which an article must have. These are:
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  2. Have been checked for fluency.
  3. Has something to say!
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Writing talent loading
KEDU School 54%

Mission: StandStill2021

1st prize: https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/images/melanie,-march-2020/ 2nd prize: https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/images/rainbow/ 3rd prize: https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/images/on-your-doorstep/ Entry summary: I chose the first prize to go the photo with the Nurse. I feel that in these covid days,

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My favourite toy!

This is my teddy unicorn! It’s a fluffy teddy unicorn. It’s a soft toy. It’s colourful and it’s small

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Describe a blog entry

Teo’s Blog Hi readers! Thanks for your comments on my last entry. Today, I’ve got some wonderful news about my summer plans. When I had just came home from school

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My plans for the summer

Hi Nefeli! How are you? I am so exhiting because I wait for my plans in summer. I will go with my best friend Evanthia. We will go in London,

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How important are arts at school.

Career is a situation that makes lots of teenagers concerned about it.  This decision that all teenagers have to take is actually difficult because their life and future depend on

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“My favourite series”

My favourite comedy series is “Don’t start murmuring”. It started in 2013 and it is still on TV. The heroes are four couples. In each episode they have a problem

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Mary Poppins returns

Video Summary: The title of this movie is Mary Poppins Returns and it is an musical fantasy film directed by Rod Marshall and writen by Walt Disney. The scene is

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My favourite food

My favourite food is  carbonara because  I like very mach the pasta. The carbonara is the food from the Italy but all the world like it too. I suggest you

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My Book Review Who wrote this book Jostein Gaarder. What is this book about? The title of this book is “The Orange Girl”written by the Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder. He

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The mitten

My Book Review Who wrote this book Jessica Southwick. What is this book about? a boy who drug a sled in the snow and a mitten fell from it in

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avengers the infinity war

Video Summary: This movie is about avengers and all the superheroes of marvel become one for one focus to kill Thanos because Thanos begins to get all the magic stones

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Hello everyone ! Last year was the hardest year for many people. We had to stay inside,had to wear masks,had to take online classes,social distance and live through a different

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