Fashion is what suits you and expresses you and not necessary what is fashionable and trending at the moment.
To begin with a lot of people wear clothes which are trendy just because they want to impress the others. It seems to me that they listen a lot of the opinion of others something that is not good and healthy for someone. Obviously, we all want to look well in the appearance and sometimes we care about what people will think about us but on one level because if we care too much about the other people we will never find ourselves and we will do what others want and like.
Moreover fashion can help you to find yourself inside the style you choose, that’s why the clothes you choose to wear expresses you as a person and character. After that the clothes you wear will make you have more confidence and love yourself a little bit more because you will prove yourself that you can dress without even following a trend.
To conclude, fashion is what you like to wear even other people don’t like them.

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