Fashion lead people to express their self

The fashion is a form of self expression.Fashion has to do with clothes, watches, shoes,glasses and anything that a human can wear. In spite that clothes expressing your feelings,your mood and your self. Fashion consist of creators that making clothes and present this clothes to the people through the television or shops. Fashion making and providing a huge collection of clothes with different designs and people buying clothes depending with their liking.

People following the trends of fashion to look more attractive and wear clothes or accessories that expressing their personality. This is very cool.

On the other hand there are people that wear these clothes because want to be the same with models that wearing these t shirts or jeans.In my opinion this is bad. When people wearing clothes because the models wearing these to the television or social media then people do not expressing anything about their self. Therefore the total of this people is leading to a conscious or subconscious suppression. This people have to understand that in order to elevate their image the only thing that should to do is to be their self and do not try to become someone else because there is no reason to loose your characteristics or your beauty. I want to add that if all the people wear the same clothes then our society would become boring.

However fashion is a way to communicate with the others and with our clothes make an impression about our style, way of thinking and so many different things that express our individuality.

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