Fashion – Beauty beggins when you decide to be your self-

All of us are using different fashion styles. For most of us, in our own way we can saw what actually fashion is for our self.
These days, people and actually teenagers are trying to follow the fashion of 2019 – 2020, like black clothes, ripped jeans and also expensive outfits from a very famous designer. In this situation, in my own way of thinking I can understand that one reason of following fashion its because you feel “into it”, very comfortable and also you like this kind of style, so why not to try it?. Nonetheless, we can find, as far I am concerned, another one reason. In fact, I would even venture so far to say that I have not done this before and I think all of us. So, as you can understand from what has been said, most of are following fashion just to impress the others and being noticed.
Let me make it up for you! I will give you two examples and you have to choose . Do you think that you will be noticed by the others if you are following fashion or by making your own styles? Now, let me explain this. Having said all that, all of us are following the fashion so, in fact, we have the same kind of style as our friends so in this way you will be the same as the others. All of us are different and we have the chance to saw it by our everyday outfit and general our style!!
All things considered, I think that we can be beautiful and different without being into fashion but by making OUR OWN styles!

Sapho S.

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