Far away from my home

She was in her room, in front of her computer, talking to a boy who had met on the internet. She had been spending hours with him playing online games instead of going out with her family, while her classmates were making new costumes for Halloween. The girl was called Tonya and she was a teenager, that is why she was obsessed about staying all day in her room. She was thinking that she was a grown-up doing things that only an adult will do, like her older sister.

This was happening for a long time until Halloween came and with it her mother’s disagreement. << You should go outside this night to celebrate Halloween>> said her mother loudly. << I don’t want to do silly things that only a child would do>> said Tonya wildly. Then her mother just left and she was unhappy and disappointed. Τhe silence spread again in the empty, purple room leaving Tonya alone. So she opened again her white laptop sending a message to her friend. Βut she did not have time to press the enter button because suddenly a dazzling flash lit up her room.  Tonya was upset, as he thought this was a naughty prank. Then she quickly got out of bed grabbing her cell phone and her hat and she run outside.

The weather was really cloudy and cold, but Tonia was not affected by the winter weather because she was running with nerves between other dressed children. Her target was a small group that was dressed up like aliens. Α long chase followed which tired the heroine. << AH, I CATCH YOU>> finally yelled. Then, she dropped down one of the members of the alien’s group as she was trying to pull off his mask. << WAIT, wait, you hurt me I NOT A HUMAN!!!>>. Eventually, Tonya left him after his explanation.

-We did not want to scare you with the light, but our spaceship had a problem. Fortunately, we landed in the forest.

-Why have you come here?

-We wanted to know why the earthlings are always so amusing.

After a pause, Tonya finally answered << this feeling is called happiness and I will help you discover it>>.

After a big search, nothing impressed the aliens. They walked on the top of the hill visiting the scariest house in the town. They have a lot of fun knocking on the door frighteningly and running away before it opens. After that, they tasted the most delicious sweet in the world but nothing could explain to the world what happiness means. << Sorry guys, I can not answer your problem, I thought everything… At least we are new friends, right?>>. Suddenly the aliens exchanged anxious looks full of wonder. 

-What does friends mean?

-Well friend is a person who is really familiar to you. You are all day together having fun doing silly things. And after all the best feeling is when the day finishes and you go to bed thinking of all the memories you have created. This also makes you happy. 

-This means happiness? 

– I think that yes.

-So, today was our best day! All you already said we have done them and tell you the truth, I feel more joyful and cheerful. Thank you for showing us what means friendship, happiness and how we can achieve them. Now we have to tell you goodbye because the morning has come and we do not want to create panic.

They hugged and turn on their giant machine. Fortunately, it did not make noise, and they left quietly in the orange morning sky, leaving again Tonya alone. Wait she was not for a long while alone, her mother was shouting her name. << Mommy, I love you I realized that family is everything and I miss you really much. Can we play board games in the living room?>>. Her mother had many questions about where she was all night, what she did, but they were all forgotten after her words. They returned home together and after this incident, Tonya did not lock herself in her room again and every night she looks at the starry sky.

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