Fake Witch

Fake Witch

  Once upon a time in the forest lived an evil witch in a big and scary house. One day two kids went for witch hoyse for trick or treat, When kids went the knocked on the door witch open the door:

-Trick or treat choose!

  The kids were so scared and after about two minutes:

-You are a real witch?

-No, I am disguised witch to scared you, haha you are so scared!!!

-You are a fake witch, ok we want to make farce to you.

  The kids left this house and went to buy things to make a farce on the house of a fake witch. They buy paper, eggs, spray foam and more thinks and they went to the house of a fake witch. When they went it is night and start to work the farce. They threw the eggs in the windows, threw the paper on the roof and when the man who had become a witch came out, the foam was thrown out and he was sprayed. And kids said:

-Happy Halloween


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