Emma’s adnenture!!

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. It was early afternoon and it was hot but there was a light breeze. They were excited and really for their voyage. The sea was calm and everying seemed perfect. As they were sailing suddenly the weather changed and it started raining and a strong wind started blowing.

Emma and her family were very scared. The boat began to rock and Emma’s brother hit his leg. He couldn’t walk but they couldn’t go back because they were for from the harbour . Fortunately, the sea started to calm down and slowly the rain stopped and soon the sun was out again.

They even saw an amazing rainbow and this was just what they needed to feel relieved  and safe. The captain turned the boat and they  headed back to the harbour to take Emma’s brother to hospital. He was in pain but Emma and her family tried to cheer him up.

They even saw some dolphins and Emma’s brother completely forgot his pain and enjoyed the moment. It was an unforgot able experience!!!

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