• At first week of Easter I played video games,I went to the church I visited my grandparents,played with my friend Theologos and I went for shoppings. At Good Friday my family and I went to the church and came on epitaphios of  Jesus Chris. At Easter Saturday  morning my mum cooked delicious food and at night we went to church and with  my friend we  threw fireworks . Then at home we ate very delicious food.
  • At Easter Sunday morning we went to Scalohori and ate lunch with my mums family. There was DJ Gregory who chose music for us and we danced and laughed a lot. At afternoon we went to Pallini my god mothers house and stayed for two days.
  • At first day of May  we went to my village Plomari and there I went for fishing ,for swimming ,I growed vegetables and I spent time with my gradmums.

I really enjoyed myself and had good memories with my family.

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