Dragonn tales (part 7) THE BELIEF IN DRAGONS

Dragons are the most popular mythological creatures. Dragon tales are known in many cultures all over the world.
Sometimes people believed that dragons were useful and protective and other times they believed that dragons were very dangerous creatures. Old Christians believed that dragons represented Satan.
There were many different kinds of dragons, with different colours and scaly skin. Some dragons had wings and could fly. Some others didn’t have wings. They were called warms and they lived in the water (in the sea, lakes or big rivers). Some dragons could speak or breathe fire. Some dragons lived in a palace under the ocean and some others could be found in caves. All of them liked gold and priceless stones. So people believed that every dragon had a treasure. The dragon’s blood was poisoned and someone who battled a dragon could be killed even in that way, by the beast’s blood. Also, people believed that a fearless army of warriors with swords and shields could be created from the dragon teeth if they got seed in the ground.
Dragons are presented in mythology as powerful, fearless and dangerous creatures. Most known dragons in Greek mythology are the dragons of the Hesperide’s garden, who was guarding the golden apples and Lernaean Hydra Both of them were killed by Hercules. Also, the dragon guarding the golden fleece, faced from Jason and Medea. Even the Christian church created legends of saints battling dragons as st. George. They are many tales about dragons in every country and movies were the cast. Evil or good dragons are the favourite beasts of people, especially of children.

Apostolis M.

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