Dragon tales(part 10)REAL LIFE DRAGONS

Nowadays people don’t believe in dragons. However, there are some creatures on earth that their shape and behaviour reminds dragons.
1. Komodo dragons: They are found on the island Komodo in Indonesia. They are the heaviest lizards on earth, with a big body, short legs and muscular tails. They are aggressive, their saliva is toxic and their bite can cause the immediate death of the victim.
2.Flying dragons: They live in tropical forests in Asia. They have a flap of skin on each side of their body, like a membrane. They jump between the trees.
3.Black Dragon-fish: It lives in the deep sea of the Atlantic Ocean.
4.Seadragons: They are not fish, they are seahorses with bright red colour, looking like small dragons.
5.Dragon-snake: In Indonesia and Malaysia can be found the Dragonsnake a black snake covered with hard scales. It eats mostly frogs and they hunt at night.
6.Bearded Dragons: In Australia. These lizards puff out their throats and they look like having a beard, made of hard scales. They change the colour of their skin. During the warm day, they absorb heat in their skin, so they stay warm through the cold night.
7. Pink dragon millipedes: It has got many legs. It’s no longer than 3cm. and it smells like almonds because of the poison it has.
Maybe there are more real-life dragons but I don’t know them all.

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