Dragon tales (part 8)ST.GEORGE AND THE DRAGON

The Christian church created the legend of Saint George battling Satan in the form of a dragon. The legend is very old but it’s known to many cultures in East and West. According to the legend there was a terrible dragon who was causing disasters to a city.
people were forced from the dragon to give hi their sheep every day, but when the sheep were not enough they had to sacrifice humans.One day the dragon asked for the king’s daughter or he would stop giving water to the city. The young lady was prepared to be given to the dragon, at the time that St.George arrived in the city on his white horse. He killed the dragon with his lance and he saved the girl. The king was so grateful.He offered him a treasure for saving his daughter.St.George refuseδ the money and the gold and told the king to give them to poor people. People were so happy and grateful for getting free, that they built a church for St.George.

Apostolis Μ.


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