Dragon tales (part 6) DRAGONS IN CHINA

People believed that dragons really exist. They believed had dragons in the western countries were very bad creatures but in the east were good and friendly.

In China, there were a lot of kinds of dragons. They were friendly and they lived in harmony with people. In China, it was believed that dragons are holy and wise creatures. Sometimes people asked an old dragon for advice.
In China, people believed that the dragon of money sometimes leaves a gold coin out of the door, of your house. If the other day you take the coin, it brings you happiness and wealthiness. The Chinese emperors were accepted as dragon sons. Many of them used a dragon as their emblem. A dragon symbolizes force, luck, happiness, wealthiness, long life and wisdom.
In China every twelve years they celebrate the year of the Dragon. Every child born in that year is lucky and will have a good life. The year of the dragon is a good year for someone to be born in China.

Apostolis M.

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