Dragon tales (part 2) THE DRAGON OF KASTORIA

Once upon a time, in Kastoria, there was a terrifying dragon, who lived in a cave near the lake. The beast was very cruel. He was eating the sheep from the farms and all the fish from the lake. People and animals were terrified.
One day the dragon grabbed the king’s beautiful daughter and he carried her into his cave. The king was very sad. He offered a huge reward to the brave knight, who could kill the dragon and release the princess! sitting on a rock, in front of the cave and he fell in love with her. The dragon was flying around sinking his wings into the lake’s water. The knight took his bow and tried to kill the dragon but it wasn’t so easy to defeat him. They were fighting for many hours and at last, the knight shot the dragon straight to his heart. The dead dragon fell into the lake and the water became red from his blood. So the knight released the princess and married her.
They lived happily for many years. The dragon’s cave in Kastoria is one of the most visited caves in Greece.

Apostolis M.

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