Once upon a time in Ukraine near to a town there was a cave, where a dragon found to live. No one knew since when the dragon hides in the cave or where it comes from.
One day a young ambitious man decided to find the dragon. He had heard that dragon love gold and priceless stones and if you can find a dragon’s cave you might find a treasure. Actually, he was curious to see how the dangerous beast looks like
Next morning, he left the town without telling a word. When he the cave he could hear the dragon’s snoring, which was more like a wailing sometimes in his heart told him not to be afraid. He approached the sleeping, white dragon and kissed it. Then something magic happened and the spell was gone. The dragon turns into a beautiful, young girl with fair hair and the boy recognised his lost sister. She thanked him and then she told him everything about the dark spell that had turned her into a dragon.

Apostolis M.

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