Discuss the positive and negative aspects of being in lockdown

Have you ever lived in that kind of situation? As I remember I never have, it is something new for me and for many other people. No one really expected things to turn out this way and by that, I mean the lockdown and the social distancing. We all can deduce the positive and negative impacts of these security measures.

It is wise to see the positive view of these recent events. First of all, the pandemic will decrease and at the same time, the health departments will buy time to find the cure and the vaccine, something very important for the future. Not only that but all this time we have in our houses, with our families is precious time and try to make use of these. Now with the lockdown, you have the opportunity to find yourself, to rest from all the pressure and stress you were living with. Try to find strength in all that time you have because that isn’t the hard part.

The recent events have me concerned about the economic situation, and in my belief, it is the biggest problem we will have to phase after the lockdown. For example, many small businesses will collapse, even small factories will, and by that many people will lose their jobs. Being unemployed means not having the money to pay for your bills, your house and your needs in general, but it isn’t only that, long term unemployment is extremely demoralizing and that is the biggest problem we will have to face. Relating to science mortality increases when people are jobless. So as I see it, we got in lockdown to avoid big numbers of mortality but in the end if things don’t get back to normal, still many people will lose their lives. I could think and discuss more negative aspects of the lockdown, but now it doesn’t seem to me that it matters.

I understand the pressure that everyone feels right now, no one wanted things to turn out this way but they did. Be kind to yourself, make strong ties. You are not alone; we are all in this together. Everything is a matter of perspective.

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