Different styles of learning

Nowdays,the whole world must be in qurantine because of a deadly virus called Covid-19. So students have to learn fron home with the help of online courses. But what are the pros and cons of each method of learning, online and tradicional teaching method?
Firsly,with tradicional teaching method the students have face to face interactions which most of the times is more effective, structed and enhances the meaning of teamwork. Also with this method students have a scheduled routine so they can be in task.
On the other hand, online learning makes the pupils independently study courses materials. It also contributes to class discussions as they can easily exchange ideas in front of the window. Also they have more assigments which offer flexibility in their daily programme.
So to my point of view online teacing is as effective as tradicional teaching method but I prefer to have face to face interactions. So as the author Brian Herbert once said : ” The capacity to learn is a gift ; the ability to learn is a skill ; the willingness to learn is a choice ”.
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