Did you see Ken’s camera?

       Κen looked in his backpack to find his camera,but is wasn’t there!.That afternoon we were walking down the street and wanted to take pictures of a very nice painted wall.Ken saw that the kamera was missing from his back and we both paniced

Ken thought he might have left it at the cafe he had gone to for a coffee in the morning before we met.Maybe he had left it on the table when he was deleting some pics.

We quickly ran to the cafe,but the camera was nowhere!Then he said that the camera could not be anywhere else but at the ice cream shop near my house that we sat when we met.As soon as we arrived we went to the shop owner and asked about the camera.He looked in a box with lost customer items and gave us Ken’s camera.

“It is the only camera in the box that will be yours” He said politely.We both felf happier than ever.We thanked him and went back to the wall to take pictures for Ken’s album


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