Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Getaway

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Jeff Kinney.

What is this book about?
Ιn the town where the Heffley family lives is Christmas.
But Greg’s parents have a summer trip in mind. They are going to an island that is summer, where Greg’s parents went for their honeymoon.
As always, this story could not be without misfortunes.

My Favourite part
My favorite moment was when they went for a family dive and hurried to leave because Greg drowned, so they forgot Greg’s older brother in the middle of the ocean and the sun burned him and then they put ice cream on his back to calm him down.

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I recommend this book because it sets your mood with the first sentence

The end!

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