Mission 2: Design your own Vocabulary Notebook Gameboard – VNG Challenge 2020

This mission ends on the 13 December at 11.59pm.

Let's desing the new #VNG2020 - Vocabulary Notebook Gamboard!

Welcome to our second Houses of KEDU 2 Mission 2. 

Mission goal

We want you to help us desing a new gameboard for KEDU and his friends! We want you to show us how you play!  

Here is an example of a game board which was made from a French class.

Entry rules

This mission is open to all members of KEDU. To enter, go to “Add a blog post “, add a photo of your gameboard and tell us in writing about it. Use the title “Mission: VNG 2020″ and select Class Level: Mission2.

Important that you select Class level -> Mission 2

In your post you have to add the game rules in writing and how you play the game!

Mission Prizes

This mission is open to all students of KEDU and members who upload their blogpost will automatically receive 500 K.redit points and when they are judged by our judges they will receive a badge and another 5000 K.redit points too!

Mission Badge:

For any questions please contact Mr Mike or Miss Maria.

More missions to come!

Mr Mike.

Mission Entries:

Mission:VNG 2020

Kedu sports 8 persons can play the game. We need a dice for this game. Every box has a question for a sport. The player must answer the question and

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Mission:VNG 2020

The name of the board game I made is “Kedu Race”. It is a wonderful game full of action and I think you should try to play it! To play

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