Dear friend

Dear Mary,

How are you? I am fine. How are the lessons going? Have you made new friends? Are you coping with your homework? I have made new friends. Their names are Myrto, Christine, Phillipia, Hara, Marilena and Niki. We have a great time together.

Our school isn’t so big. It has two floors. On the first floor are the classrooms of the first grade of high school, the canteen, the computer room and the boy’s bathrooms. On the second floor are the classes of the second and the third grade of high school, the girl’s bathrooms and the teachers staff room. There is a small kitchen too for them. At the back of the school is a football pitch and a basketball court.

My class is small. We are 20 students and we sit next to another student. We have a green board. Also, my class has five windows and some posters on the wall.

I think that I am doing well at school this year and I hope to get high grades. What about your school? Are there many students in your class?

Write back soon,


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