Dear Diary – #WILT

Today we talked about why we dream. We saw a video explaining some reasons of dreaming. Fisrtly, we dream to fulfil our wishes. According to Sigmund Freud, our dreams have also symbolic meanings which relates to the fulfilment of our subconscious wishes. Secondly, we dream to remember. In other words, if we dream, for example, of walking through a maze, when we wake up our performance wil be better. In additon, we dream to forget. Our neocortex, while sleeping, reviews the neural connections in our brain that are created by everything we do and think and dumbs the unecessary ones. Furthermore, we dream to keep our brains working. We could say that our our dreamsmight be a random screen saver our brain turns on so it doesn’t completely shut down. Moreover, we dream to rehearse. For example, if we dream of fighting a ninja we practise our skills in fighting and keep them sharp and dependable, in case we need them in real life. We also dream to heal. According to some researchers, one purpose of dreaming is to tae the edge off painful experiences to allow for psychological healing. Finally, we dream to solve problems. To illustrate this, during our dreams our mind can create limitless scenarios to help us grasp problems and formulate solutions that we may not consider while awake.

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