Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear Diary

Today I learnt that some fruits and vegetables are poisonous and in their appearance they look so tasty and safe. They can cause serious illnesses and in the worst condition death.  Aslo, we played a game to find the differences between two pictures in a small team of two students. It was very interesting. It was a big surprise for me to be one of the ten students of our school to see live Thailand 🇹🇭.  It was an unique and unforgettable experience. They have a different culture of us. They have exotic fruits and vegetables that we don’t believe that can exist. The guide was very good at his job as he showed as so many beautiful things and places. Also, in Thailand they don’t have to stay at home so many hours a day because of Covid-19. The things there are better that our country! 🇹🇭 🇬🇷

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