Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear diary,

Our virtual trip to Bonkonk, Thailand was certainly an unique experience.Firstly we met the guide, who is from Denmark, and then our trip began. Our first stop was to an store that makes a traditionall food. We saw bunch of Thailand’s food, more speciffically: green and yellow mangos, a sour and a sweet one, purple pancakes and green oranges. Then we learnt Thailand’s alphabet. After that we learnt that Thailand’s economy is diffrent from ours. Also, there, Covid-19 is in better shape than we are here. The schools and the stores were open but everyone were wearing masks.  enjoyed this virtual trip not only because I learnt new places and traditions , but also because I found out that even we are under hard circumstances, because of Covid-19, we can travel to new places.

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  • Great to hear that u really enjoyed such a wonderful encounter of Thailand Christine ..!!

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