Dear Diary – #WILT

Dear Diary,

The Saturday’s online tour to Thailand, and particularly to Chinatown, was cool! The guide, Kim, toured us to Chinatown and showed us some street kitchens. He also showed us some weird ingredients they us, which are similar to them we use here in Greece. For example, some of these ingredients were similar to mangos, papayas or even chestnuts. People, who were cooking, were very friendly and always ready to show and explain to us everything. Also, through chat we had the chance to write questions and comments or even open our microphones and ask! At the end, Kim, the guide, ordered a plate with food similar to our beans, chili pepper and soup. I really liked this tour because it was a unique experience!!!

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  • I’m overwhelmed that u enjoyed the experience Panagioti mou 🥰

    • It was a really wonderful experience Miss! Thank you very much for giving us the chance to be toured to Thailand!!!

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