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This is my summary:
This article is about covid19 cases in Ireland and it discusses statistics of cases and deaths of that country. It talks about the new vaccine which is believed that it will save many people from the Coronavirus. It says that the vaccine will be approved on January 29th and will be scarcely available at the beginning of the year. One of the main points of this article is that even though the vaccine will available in early 2021, people in Ireland have to still secure themselves and take measures against the coronavirus by still wearing their masks and keeping to social distancing rules.
I believe this article is authentic because the writer keeps an independent stance when delivering the facts. What struck me in this article were the low numbers compared to Greece. They were talking about 1 death while in Greece we have 80-100 deaths a day.
Questions which I thought of were: What is the population of Ireland and are these vaccines safe for us too?

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