COVID-19:Old age

Real loneliness is not what we used to call during the quarantine. Real loneliness can’t use the internet, Facebook, Viber or Skype. Real loneliness can’t write on a piece of paper or send an SMS to go out of the house. Can’t watch a movie on Netflix to pass the time. It never takes selfies and never shares on Instagram. It doesn’t use smartphones with applications never go for a walk or shopping in a supermarket. For some people, the meaning of life is a door opening, a doorbell ringing. But now, COVID-19 made that doorbell shut out. Real loneliness has wrinkles and it’s called old age. So, think! Every time we feel bored on our sofa, watching a movie eating pizza, every time we complain about those people who feel alone.Those people who have grown others, who have given them their best they could.Those people who got forgotten and rejected much before COVID-19. But even so, they forgive. Love aged people because they carry the charge of them, show them love and kindness.

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