Corona virus or covid-19 is a virus first begun in China last December. It caused illness, even death to thousands of peoples. It appears with symptoms like fever, cough, runny nose and difficulty in breathing. Most of the people with covid-19 have to stay in hospitals, but many people stay at home until they get well. Unfortunately, a lot of people are in bad condition and many of them have died. The best way to protect ourselves is to wash our hands with soap and water very often. We have to avoid to touch our face, eyes, nose and mouth or to eat with unwashed hands. We cough or sneeze with a tissue and then throw it immediately. We must stay at home when we are sick and avoid meeting other people, especially babies and old people. We don’t go to theaters, cinemas, churches, restaurants. All the schools are closed and after school activities are cancelled we have to use a face mask. We must avoid travelling and we have to stay at home. If you have a fever or other symptoms you have to call your doctor first and don’t go immediately to the hospital because other people can get sick because of you.
We have to be very careful because corona virus is dangerous.

Apostolis M.

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