Covid-19 experiences at home


We all thought 2020 is going to be a good year for all of us but unfortunately, it was not. This year something different happened but is ok because we had new experiences and that is so cool and interesting.
A lot of stuff makes me happy those days like play with my dog, bake a cake or some delicious cookies. Some times I go online with my friends and play games, but my favourite thing about quarantine is that I can see my family all day and we can play board games or we can talk. Also, I like to go through and look at old albums with old photos is very interesting and u can remember happy moments with your family and friends !! A truth about me that I almost have seen all the Netflix movies so now I don’t have more movies to see in my free time :(. Another cool thing is the online school is a very good way to see your friends and do lessons too !!
Coronavirus has given us a great lesson we all must careful and remember that life is a pleasant gift.

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