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This is a workshop intended for teachers.

“Big idea”

  • Flipping as the grand meta-strategy increases the choices you have to use other active learning strategies. 
  • The in-class flip is a preferred flipping approach for young learner classrooms as a means to have all learning in class and learners actively engaged in their own learning. 
  • One way of strengthening the idea of learning communities in your school or classes is to use gamification and gamified learning techniques, but the main issues from this are how to practically store, filter and display results for your students to access and make sure no one is left behind!.


Essential Understanding

  1. How can we plan to flip our curriculum?
  2. What is the Flipped learning approach?
  3. How can we flip our young learner classrooms?
  4. How can we use gamification and gamified learning to motivate and engage our learners?


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