Senior E (PreFCE) Course

Senior E (PreFCE) Course

🗒B2 Speaking practice Part 1

Talk to me

Let me know who you are

Personal questions:

In most of the speaking tests you are going to hold a short warming-up convesation with the examiner. More specifically, you are about to answer to a series of personal questions posed by the examiner. The purpose of this part is to “break the ice” between you (the candidate and the examiner) and help you get rid of the stress of the oral examination.

Some possible question posed at this stage of the examination are the following:

Personal Data

Okay, can you tell me something about yourself?
(name, age, live with parents in a suburb called …, first / second year of secondary/ high school / senior high school)
Where are you originally from?
Tell me about your hometown


Can you tell me a little about your family?
How many members are there in your family?
What do your parents do for a living?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Can you describe the relationship you have with your siblings (sisters, brothers)?

The region where you live​

Can you describe the city you live in?
Can you tell me something about the neighborhood you live in?
Is it a quiet neighborhood?
Where would you rather live?
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Where do you live?
Can you tell me something about you home? (apartment, big, small)
Would you like to move house?
What kind of house do you live in? (apartment…)


Why have you been learning English?
(I think the English language is widely spoken – if you speak English it will enable you to travel anywhere without having a problem to communicate with other people from other countries. / You can use the language to study in English spoken countries. / English is a vital qualification in order to be employed)
Do you speak any other language?
What other languages would you like to learn?Why?


Do you have friends?
Where have you met your best friend?
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Are your friends of the same age?

General questions

Why don’t teenagers work out and keep fit?
Why do teenagers eat loads of junk food?
Are there advantages or disadvantages to being an only child?
What kinds of food do you like and hate?
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Future plans / ambitions/ jobs

What are your plans / ambitions for the future?
Have you thought about what you’d like to do when you leave school?
What kind of work do you want to do in the future?
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Which profession in your opinion suits you best? Why?
Do you want to be successful from the starting point of your career or to try for it gradually?

Leisure (free) time / hobbies / sports / vacation/preferences

What do you do in your spare (free) time?
Can you tell me how you spend your weekdays and weekends?
Do you have a special hobby or do any sports?
Are you involved in any sports?
Are there any places where you can go in your free time?
Do you like to read?
What sort (kind) of books do you like to read? Why do you enjoy them?

Travelling / Vacations

Have you ever been abroad?
Where would you like to go if you could?
How do you like to travel when you go on vacation?
So how do you spend your time in the summer?
Where are you planning to go on vacation this summer?
What would you like to see there?
What would be the best holiday destination in your point of view?
State destinations you have traveled to.
What did you do there? What did you see there?

Education / School / Future education

So, what year are you in at school?
(I’m in the first / second/ third year of secondary/ high school, senior high school)
Do you like your school?
Why? Why not?
What extra activities would you like?
(school trips, sports)
What subject do you like most / best?
Why is that?
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What are your favorite subjects at school?
Are there any subjects you don’t like? Why?
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What do you plan to do after the exams are over?
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Tell me, what are your plans once you graduate from high school?
Is education important and should it be compulsory?
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Where do you usually go out with your friends?
Do you go out to restaurants / movies / theater?
What kind of music do you and your friends like?
Who is your favorite singer and why?
Do you prefer going to the movies or the theater? Why is that?
Who is your favorite actor or actress?
What movies have you seen recently?
How often do you go to see a movie?
What kind of movies do you like? Why do you like those types of movies in particular?


Do you enjoy shopping?
And where do you go shopping? How often do you go shopping?
What kind of stores or shops are there in your area?
What sort of things do you buy?
Do you have any favorite stores?
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